Global Strategy Consulting Program | Summer 2022

119,00 incl. VAT

The program is open to anyone seeking to grow their consulting skills, no matter where they are located.  This administrative fee covers enrollment, unlimited access to our entire catalogue of courses, two live sessions with our founder and expert consultant Till Schmid, and a certificate of completion.

The objective of this 4-Week Global Strategy Consulting Program is to help aspiring consultants and business professionals kick start their careers in management consulting. 

All the training and learning will happen via online, self-paced courses, weekly virtual communication via Slack and Email, and be backed by a final capstone project, starting from Summer onwards. Dates will be announced soon. Along with invaluable experience through expert-crafted courses, participants will also be exposed to global networking opportunities with all the program participants.

Program Topics – Beginning Summer, 2022 

  • External Analysis, Internal Analysis, Long-Term Growth Strategy – Week I
  • Business and Corporate Strategy, Internationalization Strategy, Innovation Strategy – Week II
  • The Consulting Hiring Process, Change Management Strategy, and Agile – Week III
  • Management Consulting Capstone Project – Week IV

What We Offer

  • Ability to learn the most in-demand consulting skills ranging in topics such as Change Management to Corporate and Business Strategy
  • The chance to grow your management consulting career 
  • Downloadable framework templates used by consultants at top-tier firms such as BCG, McKinsey, etc.
  • Certificates of completion for each individual course, along with one certificate for completing the 4-week Global Strategy Consulting Program
  • Flexible hours – compatible with studies, work, and any timezone
  • Networking among a community of international program participants


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