About Us

At Consultport, we are working towards becoming the world’s leading platform where companies and consultants succeed. Together. We developed Consultport Academy as an online learning platform to help you learn essential consulting skills to help you achieve your full potential. We enable both current and aspiring consultants to learn and develop their consulting and business knowledge. We are here to help YOU increase your impact, earn a higher income, and to build a lifestyle and career that you love.
Till Schmid
Founder of Consultport


Consultport Academy’s mission is to provide courses created by consulting experts  to both current and aspiring consultants, to give the opportunity to create highly successful consulting careers for themselves. From quick & easily digestible modules and comprehensive certifications, you will learn everything you need to know to become one of the best consultants.

Supporting Career Growth

As Consultport’s learning platform, Consultport Academy aims to educate those interested in pursuing careers in consulting or transitioning into becoming independent consultants to create successful careers for themselves, whether in a consultancy firm or as an independent consultant..

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