Bootcamp 4: Long-Term Growth Strategy

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Course Intro

Long Term Growth Strategy Course aims to help you better understand and apply various methods. These frameworks are ones that top management consultants use when developing business strategies for clients.

First, a consultant would look into the external environment of an industry. Next, they would view the internal aspects of a given company itself. Finally, a management consultant would develop the right strategy to grow their client’s business.

Now, the Long Term Growth Strategy Course will cover some of the most well known frameworks and strategy model. These include the Ansoff Matrix, the BCG Matrix, the GE McKinsey Matrix, or the North Star Metric, for instance.

So, let’s dive into it!

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Welcome to our Strategy Consulting Bootcamp part 4, focusing on the Long-term Growth Strategy.

This course aims to help you better understand and apply the tools and methods that top management consultants use to develop business strategies for their clients.

After initially developing the right strategy for a business, a management consultant should focus on identifying, and then defining, a powerful growth strategy for his client’s business. As a consultant, companies rely on growth as a vehicle for long-term success.

In this course, we will cover some of the most well known frameworks and strategy models that you can use, as a consultant, to grow and expand your client’s business, such as the Ansoff Matrix, the BCG Matrix, the GE McKinsey Matrix, the North Star Metric, and the Business Growth Strategies.

The course is practical and interactive which means that we will apply real-life examples, for each of the frameworks, so that you can see their application in practice. 

You will have the opportunity to test your gained knowledge via quizzes, and we provide additional materials, like practicable PowerPoint templates, that you can use for your own analysis or projects.

So, you may be wondering… is this course right for ME? Well, the answer is yes if you are:

  • an Aspiring consultants looking to grow you consultancy method tool kit in order to become a strong strategy consultant
  • or you are already working as a consultant, and would like to refresh or amplify their portfolio of frameworks and analysis models that you can use in future client projects.
  • or you are a manager who would like to apply strategy methods to your own business and projects or you simply would like to develop a better understand how strategy consultants work 
  • or finally, if you simply interested in strategy and would like deepen your knowledge

Now that you know this course is for you, you probably want to know what you will get out of this course? Well:

  • You will gain an overview of the most relevant external analysis to be done before developing a business strategy, which you will then be able to implement into client projects.
  • You will be able to structure your analysis by applying some of the most renowned frameworks used by the top strategy consultants
  • And you will have full access to download templates which we have created so that you can easily conduct these analyses yourself for client projects

Sounds exciting?

Well then, let’s dive in!

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Level: Intermediate
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